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    It’s always great to see an idea that came from nothing, mold into reality. Finally the long overdue redesign of the Lowrider Tattoo Studios site has been completed. To coincide with the new look of the shop, and sharpening the vision of the brand and what the studio’s goals aim to achieve, the future looks bright. Also a solid upgrade in platform as a base to present the future events and projects Jose and the team are working on, as well as a better user experience for clients and newcomers to access content and learn more about the shop. Desk/lab top and mobile versions are both up and running, so refresh your browser, explore around and welcome to the new site. Tweaks and additional content are coming soon, so make sure you add the bookmark . And as always, Lowrider Tattoo Studios thanks everyone for all the love and support. Moving forward…










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    Thanks to friends at HypeBeast for visiting us on our recent London trip. Take a look…

    “The partners took said iconic style to a pop-up shop in London recently, which saw a massively successful turnout for the two veteran artists and other members of the Lowrider family. Hypebeast  got the opportunity to speak with the two while the pop-up shop was occurring, and candidly conversed about their personal history of tattooing, aesthetic influence, and favorite work. For those overseas looking to get inked by one of these artists, Jose will be touring Rome from  April 24 – May 14 and Jun will be in Paris from May 6 – 18. Enjoy the video above.” -HypeBeast