From Graffiti to Sign Painting to now Custom Lettering Tattoos. We here at Lowrider Tattoo always try to be on the cutting edge of our industry. With different backgrounds and nationalities we have a melting pot of various styles, which ranges from Graffiti Blocks to Gang Writing to also Precise Pinstriping. Variations in our craft and shop fellowship, we always try to keep each other on point.


Johnny’s lettering above is an excellent example of different fonts carefully put together. We have Beveled Blocks to Solid Caps ending with Tip Shaded Handwriting. All Freehand as well, Johnny Opina is an asset to our studio with his always sought-after hand styles!


Next Miguel Ochoa shows 3 unique sets in one tattoo. Taking an entire quote and making it strong and consistent is tough, but he manages to pull it off and caps off the top of it all with some inverted smoke, way to go homie!!!

Script Noah

Last but not least, the newest addition to the Lowrider Staff, The Kid, Noah Minuskin. Very clean and sharp handwriting with ghost lines to follow it, is a killer combination non the less.

”Graffiti has always been in California and has been a long tradition.” -Chaz Bojorquez


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