After all is said and done all we have left is our family.  The money we cant keep, all we have is all the wonderful memories to take with us. I want to thank all my boys for always being there for me to help me and support me through all the tough times.





Man what else can I ask for I have the best team in the world these guys really are some thing else.  From Jun Cha, my brother Gustavo, my good friend Noah Minuskin to my always loyal boy Miguel Ochoa we make a great team here at the shop or on the road from place to place we make it happen but not with out the help go of my brother steven and my brothers from other mothers Boston Bob and Marco who are always willing to go with us and have a good time when ever we are not working.  So Stay tune we are coming back to LONDON for to start our 2013 campaign.  Make sure book your appointment fast for our time is very Limited.

Check us out on Instagram for more details. Joselopez_lowridertattoo

Thanks for the love and Support

Jose Lopez

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