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  1. Milano Convention x Lowrider Tattoo

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    Wrapping up work here at the Milano Convention. It’s not every day where I am able to receive advice from great artists like Robert Hernandez and get to watch the masters of the Horitoshi family work under the same roof. An amazing weekend to say the least. Aside from slaving away at the booth we managed to break free a minute and see what the world looked like away from ourstation. The greatest part was having the opportunity to meet so many great people from all over the world, both collectors and artists. So much love here in Italy, enjoy a few views from the show. Jose leads us into battle…


    The brother Miguel showing strong all weekend.

    Our brother Macko from Italy had the honor to seal up Og David’s body suit, which later took 1st place for best overall body suit.

    Horitishi family keeping tradition alive, a privilege to witness their process in person.

    We are looking forward to returning to Rome come May. Thanks once again for all the continued love and support!


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    Its been a while since the last blog and even longer since the last time we got some proper sleep, but with the support of the whole Lowrider support family we keep going.


    On our way to the Throne, We arrive in brussels for a new adventure.


    After a day of rest and a little wondering around it is time for another round.  Its always nice revisiting places we’ve been to before, there is always new things to see and new people to meet.


    Our boy Miguel Celebrating his 26th Birthday away from his family, just a one of the sacrifices we all make in this difficult profession.  But like my boy mark says” I wouldn’t change a thing if i had the chance to do it all over again.” don’t look back live with no regrets, fly free.

    Fly-freeLowrider world wide baby.



    Before the show starts a lil salute with the our boy Carlos Rojas, Allan Padilla, and Fonzy.


    And now what we came here for, some of the sickest tats courtesy of Lowrider Tattoo.


    Everything from Classy Mexican Ladies to some bad ass fine Line Script from our boy Miguel Ochoa.



    carlos-pieceDay after day, piece after piece, the ball keep rolling and i must too.


    Gangster Tats all the way.


    Three days is not enough so we must bring the show back to the room and keep doing our thing.


    Of course with the spoils of Victory

    Fist Place-Best Black and Grey along with our boy Carlos Rojas coming second.  thanks to our for always taking care of this part of the job.


    And just other time the beautiful friendship that keeps growing and groing.


    Dan Gold


    Anabi and his family


    And one of my new biggest inspirations the Legend from Russia Dimitri.


    After an exhausting week, we thank every body that make this unforgetable moments possible, thanks to Kim for bringing us to the show and to all the people that make everything possible for us and every up coming artist we wish all of you the best.


    And now the million dollar smile and a final word of advice “Team work makes the dream work”

    Cheers my friend till the next time.

    See you in Paris Next week.


    Your friend Always

    Jose Lopez and the entire Lowrider Family.