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    Don’t ever come back here.

    You get in there and  fight, Carl.

    Don’t take promises.

    Bust their old rules if you have to.

    And when it gets hard-

    and it will-

    don’t quit on me. Ever.

    Now, go on.

    Don’t come back here.

    Not for a long time.


    A lion, which is strongest among beasts,…. For what is stronger than a lion, or more courageous and undaunted? it walks with great majesty, very slowly, step by step, the left foot first; shaking its shoulders as it goes, and as here intended, and this without fear;

    and turneth not away for any; it does not go out of its way for any creature it meets with; nor does it hasten its pace when pursued, nor show the lest sign of fear; nor does it turn its back to any;   This creature is an emblem of Christ, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, who is stronger than the strong man armed; who never turned his back to any of his enemies; nor turned aside from the way of his duty, or the work of his office, on account of any; not Herod the fox, who threatened to kill him; nor Satan, the roaring lion, when he knew he was on the march to meet him; nor any of those, who, though they had a band of soldiers, that came to take him;  and also it is an emblem of righteous men, who are as bold as a lion; and cannot be moved from their duty by anything they meet with, but remain steadfast and constant in it;


    Business just like Respect has to be earned … You must demonstrate your values and beliefs even if you have to  break the rules.  There is not only one way to do things and get results.   We are all unique, We are all capable of making the impossible Possible.   Once having earned some ones Business or Respect you must not expect it but rather welcome it with the same humility you started with, and those Men of Honor shall notice the Honor in you.  So make your self a promise, keep that promise and honor those who will honor you and in the process earn their business, earn their respect.


    So once you have endured the test of time, then you can sit back for a moment of peace with a nice cigar on one hand and a firm grip on your rifle on the other.

    Always ready for what comes next.



    Jose Lopez