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  1. EURO CAMPAIGN – Noah Minuskin

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    My next artist I would like to showcase is my boy Noah Minuskin. Since joining the family in January, Noah has been ruthless with his work ethic inside and outside of the studio. Not only with tattooing but also maintaining a full time schedule as a student enrolled at the prestigious Art Center College Of Design. This kid works 24/7 and when I say this, I mean it. Aside from dedicating probably close to 90 hours a week to his schooling he is still right here with me at every chance he can get, soaking up all the knowledge he can. Since Noah’s arrival to the studio, we all have been learning and evolving together with late night tattoo sessions leading to intellectual talks getting us all to think outside of the box. From Sun Tzu to Socrates, this kid has been doing his homework and has been applying all of this positive deep thought into his tattoo work. I have spent the past 20 years laying the bricks for Lowrider Tattoo, in hopes that I can create a place where young aspiring artists like Noah can cultivate there talent. I am proud to say that he has taken full advantage of this I couldn’t be more excited to see where he takes it from here…

    I am pleased now to announce that Noah will be right here alongside myself, Miguel Ochoa and Jun Cha as we travel east this January to launch our 2013 EUROPEAN CAMPAIGN. Take a minute to get aquanted with his recent work…


    Noah shares the same passion for fineline black and grey as I do. His current work has been based on strong ideas of history, family as well as rich culture and heritage.

    Creation of Man

    Pops Portrait-Rose

    He is very excited to share his work with you all over seas…

    Abel's Addiction



    Please note that Noah still has availabilty for both LONDON and MILAN


    For all tattoo inquiries please feel free to contact Noah directly through his email at:

    – Tattoo@noahminuskin.com –

    Aslo, be sure to stay updated with his BLOG

    As well as follow him on Instagram = noahminuskin

    Fillipo Brunelesci

    Keep an eye out for whats in store for Noah. Many exciting things to come as we look forward to the new year…

    -Lowrider Tattoo Studios-