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    After 5 hours of drulling over some of the best master pieces in the world we had to go and find a nice place to eat.  On our way there we ran in to the  familiar Fountain of saint Michael.


    It was our dessert without even having dinner yet.  Dayyyam we are lucky.

    We been Celebrating Miguels birthday all week so we went out looking for some he has been wanting to try Escargot which for all you who don’t know is a dish of cooked land snails, usually served as an appetizer in France and in French restaurants.  Miguel was dying to try some.


    I was also down for some,  I also try a Greek specialty pork loin slowly cooked over coals.


    I cant explain in words how amazing this is, all I can say is that you need to stop dreaming and get your self over here pronto. After a good dinner and some good wine Our boy Chino picked us up to go cruzin all over pariz in his 64 Impala super sport.


    Cruzin up and down Champs Elysees stoping only to refuel straight doing it Lowrider Tattoo Style.


    Its so hard to break a habit, love them and leave them, and man oh man the sweet sound of soulful jams.

    Thanks to the homie Homie Chino for always taking care of us. Thank you,  As for the Homies back home I will always have your back as long as you have my front, lol.


    And at the end we stop one more time just to admire of one of the wonders of the  world.


    Chino knew the perfect spot, is just to bad i didn’t have my family with me. And by the look in Miguel’s face he felt the same about his.


    So now I leave you with a reminder,” the world is just a few hours away”, don’t Miss it.


    your friend and artist

    Jose Lopez