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    In the last months, tattoos of beautiful women have been the most popular.  They look amazing especially when done right. Here at Lowrider Tattoo we take pride in what we do and women is one of the type of tattoos we enjoy doing the most.  Me myself, I love doing hair. There is something about it that really moves me and gets me in the mood.  It is very difficult to pull off but with lots of patiences and endless practice, its all that is needed to master this style.  I have spent 22 years doing this and I’m still learning more about it.


    After you master the hair there is still so much to learn.  Facial features like eyes, lips, and the thing that is the most important a nice gangster touch which is what gives the tattoo the final genuine LA fine line tattoo feel.





    Whether it is a gangster girl, a beautiful traditional señorita or a simple girl with smooth flowing hair it makes no difference as long as you capture the essence of fine line black and grey.  Try to get involved and make a good choice when choosing the right image.   It will make you happier at the end and  so will the artist doing your tattoo. Heres a special shout out to our boy Hans from Belgium for always supporting us every time we are in Europe putting it down, we could not do it with out your help.  We have a lot of stuff in the works so please stay tune and visit our Facebook and Instagram for more updated pictures and news.