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    I’ve been thinking about  so many things that have happen in my life and after having a very long conversation with  Moms I started to wonder how would things would have turn out if I never had been introduce to tattoos.  I remember very clearly how it started but I never imagined and I still don’t know how it will end.  What I do know is how amazing it has been for the past 22 years.  It has been full of surprises, ups and downs.  What never changes is the support that I get from my family and friends they are always there to help, up uplift and motivate me to keep pushing.  I believe we are here for a reason, we need to find that purpose to be truly happy.  When looking at this picture I  can’t  even start to wonder how this lil kid was able to endure all the trials and tribulation thrown at him and then I realize that we are all special and capable of so much.



    I remember getting out of the hospital in this big grandpa wheel chair unable to move freely,  I also remember the woman who changed my life completely.  She made me realize that not all people are bad they are just misunderstood and as bad as it might seem they all play a big roll in our life.  The people that help us the people who hurt us they are all part of life’s plan.  I don’t  take things personal I rejoice and I move on. Jose-and-Jun-

    Along the way we find people who will re enforce our beliefs  and sometimes remind us of how special we are and help us reignite that confidence in our selfs.  Some time it is a friend or family member some times its someone who you never imagine would make an impact in your life.  I have been very fortunate to have crossed paths with so many people who have been so patient and supportive with me.


    Many have come but only a few will stay and we will grow strong together.  Nothing will stop us, Then 20 years later we will look back at our accomplishments and we will once again give thanks.

    From everyone at Lowrider Tattoo Studios Thank you for all the love and support.

    Jose Lopez