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    “When I’d do something bad,
    my conscience would say,
    ‘What would Grandma think?’
    … She taught me the good side,
    to act right, be polite.”
    ~ Victor Thompson


    Her name is Panchita an elderly woman who still lives in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.   She still gets up every day to go to work, so that tomorrows supper can be guarantied.  Full of grace…. she gives me hope and reminds me of the strong woman who once cared for me when i was a child.  Her too got up every day with out minding the aches and pains just so that my brothers and I could have something to eat.  Other than the desperation and the lack of money I was her only friend,  She took me everywhere, I was a witness to the scorns and turn downs from people with out compassion when she tried to ask for work or borrow money so that we could eat.  With her head up high and a slightly cracking voice she would say to me come on son lets try some where else.  I was just a kid 7 years old to be exact.   She never gave up,  she always found a way, she always found a way.  Amparo that was her name, it means to be under the protection or guidance of something or someone.  Even after her death she still looks after me just the thought of her name automatically set in motion the wheels of heave so that I can find my way through this difficult world.  I was separated from my grandma when I was nine, and I never thought I would not see her ever again…….Its been an amazing but yet difficult journey but then again no one is immune to the storms that life brings us luckily  for me there will always be an AMPARO to look over me and guide me.


    Its funny I have a slight recollection of how she looked, but her voice and wise words are always very clear in my mind.  A better way to explain it is,  I see her face in every  kind, loving and hard working person.




    Jose Lopez