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    For the last 12 years we have not only tried but we have succeeded to stay on top and lead the Industry.  By constantly evolving and recreating not only our selfs but most important our environment we have manage to stay fresh, green and growing always inspiring one another in the studio.  We are almost at the end of the second face of our studio remodeling and we could not wait to share some of the progress with all our supportive followers who we appreciate so much.  It has been a little over three years since we opened the new LOWRIDER TATTOO STUDIOS, but in last 6 months we have been working non stop to bring an all new experience to our customers.  We spend so much time traveling and gathering so much material and inspiration that we  figured it be good to surround our self with just that all the beautiful elements that we love so much. When we are in the road there is so much to see, from the majestic and very elegant pillars to the intricate moldings throughout  every inch of the ceilings marble and granite sculpture are always our favorite not forgetting the delicate and stunning oil paintings done by the old masters.  I have a dream, a dream in which I live surrounded by all of the elements mentioned above.  So my friends Im proud to announce that it is no longer a dream but a reality,  we are only months away from accomplishing that dream.  I thank all of you that support us here and around the world and I invite you to come and see for your self what you have help to realize.


    “What is in the distance is only a blur so we must focus in the beauty thats in fronts of us”



    Our good friend David Oropeza has been Laboring non stop collaborating with me and coming out with ideas on how to make our sanctuary the best visually stunning place to work in.  I like to thank him for that…  He has surpassed my expectations so far.


    There are so many changes and to really appreciate them 100 percent you need to come to the studio to get the whole experience.  From the minute you walk in the visuals do not disappoint.



    I run as fast as I can,
    Trying to escape such memories.
    Happy and sad alike,
    I don’t want them part of me.
    Wishing for something more,
    Praying for even greater,
    My knees are raw
    From all the times I’ve fallen.
    I pick myself up,
    Dust myself off.
    Heartbreak hurts,
    But pain is an illusion.
    I can get through this.
    Strength is a state of mind
    Power is the strength of heart.
    Love is open
    Faith is kind.
    My dreams reach Heaven
    As my hopes collide.
    Crash and burn,
    Laughter always does,
    Still, I won’t bow.
    Not for anyone.
    Pride is my arrogance,
    And I have plenty.
    My tears are unable to fall,
    No matter how strongly I wish for them.
    I am Hulk.
    No, I am Hercules.
    Here to unite,
    To protect and fight,
    And to win.
    This isn’t a poem of wishing for forgiveness.
    This isn’t a ballad of broken dreams.
    This isn’t me asking for anything.
    This isn’t me on my knees.
    I’ll stay strong,
    I’ll stay ‘happy’,
    Nothing can hurt me,
    I’m Hercules.




    So much has happen in my life and to say I have regrets it be to deny all the beautiful people that I have come in contact with.  It doesn’t mater if is a long friendship or some one I just meet, a friend or a family member, a client or one that is yet to be I love you all for you all have helped in getting me through all the difficult moments in my life.


    Your friend and artist

    Jose Lopez