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    They say the road to success is a long one, I agree with that I have been working at perfecting my craft for many years and Im still trying to reach success.  Whats more important than reaching your goal is all the beautiful moments we have along the way, all the beautiful people we come in contact with,  hence the saying “Its not the destination that matters but the journey and every thing we do along the way”. With only 20 years old our friend Nico is already on his way to reaching his goal, with all the support from his parents and every body around him Im sure it will come soon.  I believe success runs in his family both Marlene and his father Frank have been very successful, by successful I mean raising two fine young kids Nico and Natasha to be just as genuine as them.  I had the pleasure to spent two days with this wonderful family and Im so proud of how they supported each other the whole time Nico was getting tattooed.  From the bottom of my heart I wish them all the best and Im confident Nico will make us all proud when he makes it to the major leagues.




    After a few minutes of going over what piece we were going to do we decided on the Madonna and child a sculpture by the great Michelangelo, a perfect piece for the chosen area.

    We still have some more work to do, but for now we’ll let this heal for a couple of months before we go back into it.  Thanks so much to this beautiful family.  I enjoy my work very much you just made it more pleasant,  from all of us here at Lowrider Tattoo thank you very much and we hope to see you all soon.





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    I just had the three best days off of my life.  I cant remember when I felt this way, all I ever think is about work that I sometimes forget about  whats really important in my life.  I finally took some time off and got away from the studio to celebrate my wife’s  birthday.  Just the three of us,  my wife, daughter and me.

    I got to tell you something about my wife she is very simple, she ask for nothing and she gives everything to make sure me and my daughter are happy.  I could not ask for anything more.  She is the reason I am able to do what I do,  she creates the energy inside of me that drives me to do what I do.  I would like to thank her and to wish her the best happy birthday ever.  I Love You Carina






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    The art of tattooing is very difficult to understand, just when you think you have it all figured out you are faced with different circumstances.  Different skin means different canvas, different types of surfaces makes you rethink your approach.  On some people results come out almost instantly redness and swelling are very little and on the other hand on some people it is almost impossible to get the desirable outcome until after several sessions.  Then finally the tattoo is completed….It is very important for the client to understand how crucial the healing process is, If a person does not take care of his finished tattoo properly then extended healing time might be experienced also loss of ink on areas of the tattoo specially the areas worked more extensibly.  This is why both the artist and the client must work together and understand what the best approachs are both before and after the tattoo is completed.  On some cases the tattoo process requires multiple session, this is not a bad thing at all,  this provides more time to go over areas that did heal good and it gives the artist more time to build on what was previously done.  At the end the finished product is magnificent.  The depth and shade separation is very clear the darks are deep and the grays specially the light ones are so soft that is make the tattoo look as if had been drawn with pencils on the skin.


    This is an example of what Im talking about my client Jaime Lopez a good friend of the Lowrider Tattoo Family has been at the shop several times working on different pieces.  This last one however we took a different approach the piece was so detailed that we wore forced to take it in small steps.  At first Jaime was not so thrill having to come back twice and still not being done, the white is still not finished but we learned one thing good things come to those who wait.  He is so amazed with his piece that we are already planning the back part of his arm.  I hope this can bring some insight to all of you planning on get a new piece.  Wether you are thinking on coming to our studio or to other artists, take your time and encourage your artist to do the same don”t rush things and I guaranty you will get the best results possible.


    “…there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven.”


    I look forward to working with you out there who ever you are, if you are looking for a piece or if you just want to talk about a piece were here to serve you please fell free to stop by for a consultation or to set up an appointment.




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    London has to be one of the best spots to visit for me.  Despite its fame for bad food and worst weather I got to say it doesn’t matter its still at the top of my list.   The people there are super nice and accommodating, as far as the weather is concern…  I like a nice jacket.  Once you know where to go and the right places to eat forget about it.  places like the Mayflower, Gilgemish and the Ivy stake house are my favorites.  Not to mention my good friends Dimitri,Lux, Alex and Tobby they all live there not forgetting my boys David, Lee, Summet and my girls Jaky and Loura,  I get to see them every time.  Time after time they welcome us with the biggest smiles and the warmest affection.  I can’t wait to get there to add to the unforgettable memories.


    Here’s some more of the latest work I advice you to make your appointment as soon as possible to guaranty your space on these up coming trip.  Time is running out and spaces are filling up quick.  Once again I thank you all so much and I hope to see you soon.







    We are open to all suggestions and we always advice and encourage everybody to get involve to do as much research about the subject you want to get tattooed as well as the artist and the place where you will be getting it.  A tattoo is forever therefore you must be very critical when choosing  your artist and studio.  The more research you do will guaranty the best result and then you can wear your work of art proudly.  It is important to find a connection with your artist know what motivates him and let him know what motivates you, only then can the ultimate collabotion be created.  With that said I leave you with this inspirational poem,

    You’re a finished
    Black and white painting
    Hung up in my minds eye gallery

    I hope it’s not too much trouble
    If I add some colour of my own
    And let you be your accented self

    There was nothing wrong
    With you, black and white
    But wouldn’t you look lovely in colour

    Wouldn’t you look lovely
    Having someone else
    Paint you in a different light

    I’m a black and white painting
    In need of your paint
    Your shades and hues

    We compliment one and other
    Each other’s pallets
    Each in need of collaboration

    Thank you


    Jose Lopez


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    For the last 12 years we have not only tried but we have succeeded to stay on top and lead the Industry.  By constantly evolving and recreating not only our selfs but most important our environment we have manage to stay fresh, green and growing always inspiring one another in the studio.  We are almost at the end of the second face of our studio remodeling and we could not wait to share some of the progress with all our supportive followers who we appreciate so much.  It has been a little over three years since we opened the new LOWRIDER TATTOO STUDIOS, but in last 6 months we have been working non stop to bring an all new experience to our customers.  We spend so much time traveling and gathering so much material and inspiration that we  figured it be good to surround our self with just that all the beautiful elements that we love so much. When we are in the road there is so much to see, from the majestic and very elegant pillars to the intricate moldings throughout  every inch of the ceilings marble and granite sculpture are always our favorite not forgetting the delicate and stunning oil paintings done by the old masters.  I have a dream, a dream in which I live surrounded by all of the elements mentioned above.  So my friends Im proud to announce that it is no longer a dream but a reality,  we are only months away from accomplishing that dream.  I thank all of you that support us here and around the world and I invite you to come and see for your self what you have help to realize.


    “What is in the distance is only a blur so we must focus in the beauty thats in fronts of us”



    Our good friend David Oropeza has been Laboring non stop collaborating with me and coming out with ideas on how to make our sanctuary the best visually stunning place to work in.  I like to thank him for that…  He has surpassed my expectations so far.


    There are so many changes and to really appreciate them 100 percent you need to come to the studio to get the whole experience.  From the minute you walk in the visuals do not disappoint.



    I run as fast as I can,
    Trying to escape such memories.
    Happy and sad alike,
    I don’t want them part of me.
    Wishing for something more,
    Praying for even greater,
    My knees are raw
    From all the times I’ve fallen.
    I pick myself up,
    Dust myself off.
    Heartbreak hurts,
    But pain is an illusion.
    I can get through this.
    Strength is a state of mind
    Power is the strength of heart.
    Love is open
    Faith is kind.
    My dreams reach Heaven
    As my hopes collide.
    Crash and burn,
    Laughter always does,
    Still, I won’t bow.
    Not for anyone.
    Pride is my arrogance,
    And I have plenty.
    My tears are unable to fall,
    No matter how strongly I wish for them.
    I am Hulk.
    No, I am Hercules.
    Here to unite,
    To protect and fight,
    And to win.
    This isn’t a poem of wishing for forgiveness.
    This isn’t a ballad of broken dreams.
    This isn’t me asking for anything.
    This isn’t me on my knees.
    I’ll stay strong,
    I’ll stay ‘happy’,
    Nothing can hurt me,
    I’m Hercules.




    So much has happen in my life and to say I have regrets it be to deny all the beautiful people that I have come in contact with.  It doesn’t mater if is a long friendship or some one I just meet, a friend or a family member, a client or one that is yet to be I love you all for you all have helped in getting me through all the difficult moments in my life.


    Your friend and artist

    Jose Lopez


  6. London 2013

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    As we near the 3rd quarter of the year, so much has been going on over here at the studio. Seeing my artists coming in everyday and pushing our craft has been very fulfilling and inspiring for me. With this growth we have been revamping the Lowrider name as well as the studio. I am soo excited to share these changes with you all very soon as we near completion. For now, I am happy to announce our return to London beginning this upcoming August. The official dates that we will be there will be August 28th – September 31st. Our trip earlier this year was one of the smoothest to date. So much love and support ws shown that we felt the need to return sooner than later. The official line for this years 2nd London campaign will be myself, Jose Lopez alongside Jun Cha, Noah Minuskin, Miguel Ochoa. We project that dates will fill up rather quickly because of the large number of client intake, so we encourage you all to secure your day with your artist as soon as possible. On behalf of myself and the rest of my boys that will be returning with me to England I want to sincerely thank you all for your continued love and support.


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