London has to be one of the best spots to visit for me.  Despite its fame for bad food and worst weather I got to say it doesn’t matter its still at the top of my list.   The people there are super nice and accommodating, as far as the weather is concern…  I like a nice jacket.  Once you know where to go and the right places to eat forget about it.  places like the Mayflower, Gilgemish and the Ivy stake house are my favorites.  Not to mention my good friends Dimitri,Lux, Alex and Tobby they all live there not forgetting my boys David, Lee, Summet and my girls Jaky and Loura,  I get to see them every time.  Time after time they welcome us with the biggest smiles and the warmest affection.  I can’t wait to get there to add to the unforgettable memories.


Here’s some more of the latest work I advice you to make your appointment as soon as possible to guaranty your space on these up coming trip.  Time is running out and spaces are filling up quick.  Once again I thank you all so much and I hope to see you soon.







We are open to all suggestions and we always advice and encourage everybody to get involve to do as much research about the subject you want to get tattooed as well as the artist and the place where you will be getting it.  A tattoo is forever therefore you must be very critical when choosing  your artist and studio.  The more research you do will guaranty the best result and then you can wear your work of art proudly.  It is important to find a connection with your artist know what motivates him and let him know what motivates you, only then can the ultimate collabotion be created.  With that said I leave you with this inspirational poem,

You’re a finished
Black and white painting
Hung up in my minds eye gallery

I hope it’s not too much trouble
If I add some colour of my own
And let you be your accented self

There was nothing wrong
With you, black and white
But wouldn’t you look lovely in colour

Wouldn’t you look lovely
Having someone else
Paint you in a different light

I’m a black and white painting
In need of your paint
Your shades and hues

We compliment one and other
Each other’s pallets
Each in need of collaboration

Thank you


Jose Lopez

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