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    “Do you give the horse its strength
        or clothe its neck with a flowing mane?
     Do you make it leap like a locust,
        striking terror with its proud snorting?
     It paws fiercely, rejoicing in its strength,
        and charges into the fray.

    It laughs at fear, afraid of nothing;
        it does not shy away from the sword.
     The quiver rattles against its side,
        along with the flashing spear and lance.
    In frenzied excitement it eats up the ground;
        it cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds.
     At the blast of the trumpet it snorts, ‘Aha!’
        It catches the scent of battle from afar,
        the shout of commanders and the battle            cry.


    Life is ahead of you, and you run at it.


    Many stories have been written about the underdog, and they will keep coming.  The stories of events never dreamt possible are dreams no more………. They are realities.  I dream in color Jay z says, ahhhaaaa beautiful.

    Niggas always asking me the key
    ‘Til you own your own you can’t be free
    ‘Til you’re on your own you can’t be me
    How we still slaves in 2016?

    Key to life, keep a bag comin’
    Every night another bag comin’

    I ain’t been asleep since ’96
    I ain’t seen the back of my eyelids

    I been speedin’ through life with no safety belt
    One on one with the corner, with no safety help
    I perform like Josh Norman, I ain’t normal, nigga

    Just a project nigga out in Beverly Hills, California, nigga
    That Wraith talk, that’s foreign, nigga
    Special cloth talk here

    All my niggas from the mud damn near
    All my niggas millionares
    We gon’ take it there, I swear
    You gon’ think a nigga’s psychic
    You ain’t seen nothin’ like this

    I should probably copyright this
    I promise they ain’t gonna like this


    Jose lopez


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    It’s always great to see an idea that came from nothing, mold into reality. Finally the long overdue redesign of the Lowrider Tattoo Studios site has been completed. To coincide with the new look of the shop, and sharpening the vision of the brand and what the studio’s goals aim to achieve, the future looks bright. Also a solid upgrade in platform as a base to present the future events and projects Jose and the team are working on, as well as a better user experience for clients and newcomers to access content and learn more about the shop. Desk/lab top and mobile versions are both up and running, so refresh your browser, explore around and welcome to the new site. Tweaks and additional content are coming soon, so make sure you add the bookmark . And as always, Lowrider Tattoo Studios thanks everyone for all the love and support. Moving forward…










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    London has to be one of the best spots to visit for me.  Despite its fame for bad food and worst weather I got to say it doesn’t matter its still at the top of my list.   The people there are super nice and accommodating, as far as the weather is concern…  I like a nice jacket.  Once you know where to go and the right places to eat forget about it.  places like the Mayflower, Gilgemish and the Ivy stake house are my favorites.  Not to mention my good friends Dimitri,Lux, Alex and Tobby they all live there not forgetting my boys David, Lee, Summet and my girls Jaky and Loura,  I get to see them every time.  Time after time they welcome us with the biggest smiles and the warmest affection.  I can’t wait to get there to add to the unforgettable memories.


    Here’s some more of the latest work I advice you to make your appointment as soon as possible to guaranty your space on these up coming trip.  Time is running out and spaces are filling up quick.  Once again I thank you all so much and I hope to see you soon.







    We are open to all suggestions and we always advice and encourage everybody to get involve to do as much research about the subject you want to get tattooed as well as the artist and the place where you will be getting it.  A tattoo is forever therefore you must be very critical when choosing  your artist and studio.  The more research you do will guaranty the best result and then you can wear your work of art proudly.  It is important to find a connection with your artist know what motivates him and let him know what motivates you, only then can the ultimate collabotion be created.  With that said I leave you with this inspirational poem,

    You’re a finished
    Black and white painting
    Hung up in my minds eye gallery

    I hope it’s not too much trouble
    If I add some colour of my own
    And let you be your accented self

    There was nothing wrong
    With you, black and white
    But wouldn’t you look lovely in colour

    Wouldn’t you look lovely
    Having someone else
    Paint you in a different light

    I’m a black and white painting
    In need of your paint
    Your shades and hues

    We compliment one and other
    Each other’s pallets
    Each in need of collaboration

    Thank you


    Jose Lopez

  4. London 2013

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    As we near the 3rd quarter of the year, so much has been going on over here at the studio. Seeing my artists coming in everyday and pushing our craft has been very fulfilling and inspiring for me. With this growth we have been revamping the Lowrider name as well as the studio. I am soo excited to share these changes with you all very soon as we near completion. For now, I am happy to announce our return to London beginning this upcoming August. The official dates that we will be there will be August 28th – September 31st. Our trip earlier this year was one of the smoothest to date. So much love and support ws shown that we felt the need to return sooner than later. The official line for this years 2nd London campaign will be myself, Jose Lopez alongside Jun Cha, Noah Minuskin, Miguel Ochoa. We project that dates will fill up rather quickly because of the large number of client intake, so we encourage you all to secure your day with your artist as soon as possible. On behalf of myself and the rest of my boys that will be returning with me to England I want to sincerely thank you all for your continued love and support.


    For booking contact:









    For booking contact:






    For booking contact:








  5. MADRID 2013.

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    Lowrider Tattoo will be in Madrid, Spain in late June for a very limited time. Be sure to send all serious inquiries for private tattoo sessions.

    Jose Lopez & Miguel Ochoa will be tattooing for the very first time in Madrid. So be sure to set up your appointments.



    thanks for stoppin’ by.

  6. Milano Convention x Lowrider Tattoo

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    Wrapping up work here at the Milano Convention. It’s not every day where I am able to receive advice from great artists like Robert Hernandez and get to watch the masters of the Horitoshi family work under the same roof. An amazing weekend to say the least. Aside from slaving away at the booth we managed to break free a minute and see what the world looked like away from ourstation. The greatest part was having the opportunity to meet so many great people from all over the world, both collectors and artists. So much love here in Italy, enjoy a few views from the show. Jose leads us into battle…


    The brother Miguel showing strong all weekend.

    Our brother Macko from Italy had the honor to seal up Og David’s body suit, which later took 1st place for best overall body suit.

    Horitishi family keeping tradition alive, a privilege to witness their process in person.

    We are looking forward to returning to Rome come May. Thanks once again for all the continued love and support!