Today was a good day,  I came into the shop today just like all the other days, I walk in and saw a guy in the waiting room with a carry on luggage so right away I knew it was my appointment.  I greeted him and began to talk about his ideas for his tattoo thats when he pull out some beautiful images of his pride and joy.  I helped him choose the right image and since he wanted it in his ribs I told him this image would work best.  Its very important to have a good communication with the clients and to collaborate with one another,  for collaboration is the beginning of all organize effort.


Mike Fernandez Is a native of the big NY and has the same love for Lowriders that we do so it was a pleasure to spend the day with him.  We talk about future plans to add on to his collection of tattoos.  At one point he ask me if he should get another piece right away or work on his Lowrider I honestly replied to him  “You need to work on your car first and most important of all enjoy your tattoo with your son”


We thank you  and can’t get tired of doing it, for all your unconditional support for it takes great effort to make it to this point,  But greater is the man who knows whats he wants.


“Another great day”

Jose Lopez

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