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    I just had the three best days off of my life.  I cant remember when I felt this way, all I ever think is about work that I sometimes forget about  whats really important in my life.  I finally took some time off and got away from the studio to celebrate my wife’s  birthday.  Just the three of us,  my wife, daughter and me.

    I got to tell you something about my wife she is very simple, she ask for nothing and she gives everything to make sure me and my daughter are happy.  I could not ask for anything more.  She is the reason I am able to do what I do,  she creates the energy inside of me that drives me to do what I do.  I would like to thank her and to wish her the best happy birthday ever.  I Love You Carina






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    In one side Klown is getting down on some fine line tattoo work and on the opposite side its me  doing the same thing feeding off each others energy the only thing we need is to be in the same room with everybody else in the shop every body contributing to this masterminding.  This has to be the best job in the world not only do we get to do what we like best, we also get to do it with all our good friends.

    I really wish every body out there is doing the same thing, enjoying this wonderful craft whether you are doing color, traditional, dark or our favorite fine line black and grey do your thing boo and make every moment count.


    ” The greatest gift to receive is not a monetary reward or materialistic object. It is when all your dedicated and hard-work to help another individual use their skills and abilities to reach their highest dreams are achieved. It is that strong satisfying inner feeling of knowing all your ongoing support made a positive impact on an individual’s life opening new doors and a new way to living life. That is the greatest reward anyone can receive.”


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    Today was a good day,  I came into the shop today just like all the other days, I walk in and saw a guy in the waiting room with a carry on luggage so right away I knew it was my appointment.  I greeted him and began to talk about his ideas for his tattoo thats when he pull out some beautiful images of his pride and joy.  I helped him choose the right image and since he wanted it in his ribs I told him this image would work best.  Its very important to have a good communication with the clients and to collaborate with one another,  for collaboration is the beginning of all organize effort.


    Mike Fernandez Is a native of the big NY and has the same love for Lowriders that we do so it was a pleasure to spend the day with him.  We talk about future plans to add on to his collection of tattoos.  At one point he ask me if he should get another piece right away or work on his Lowrider I honestly replied to him  “You need to work on your car first and most important of all enjoy your tattoo with your son”


    We thank you  and can’t get tired of doing it, for all your unconditional support for it takes great effort to make it to this point,  But greater is the man who knows whats he wants.


    “Another great day”

    Jose Lopez


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    If you have tried and met with defeat; if you planned and watched your plans as they were crushed before your eyes; just remember that the greatest men in all history were products of courage, and courage, you know, is born in the cradle of adversity.

    Born in bordeaux France son of two proud yet lonely parents who together are sacrificing so much just to make their dreams come true.  He gets up every day and works as hard as he can every day even though he swims against the strong current of adversity.  Even the strongest willed man can feel down at times but  he knows the that there is no room for failure there is no going back there is only one option and thats to keep fighting until his dreams and aspiration can become a reality.


    Defeat after defeat he tries different ways to deal with it  knowing that it is only temporary, always a smile on his face  brushing away the comments and slanders that are thrown at him, he doesnt let anything stop him he knows these are just a few of the life lessons he must learn and overcome.  He is young but yet full of courage, courage that many would kill for, he is happy, he is sad, he is lonely for he is thousands of miles away from home, he knows yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow only a vision.  But today he will live well and by doing so he will make every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope.


    His name is Robin Hernandez A 21 year old young man who left everything behind to look for a better life which I’m sure by the way he is searching one day in the not to distant future he is sure to find.


    ‘Most important he has a friend’


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    Its late hours in the morning and we are still going Im about to give up but all of the sudden I get an email that up lifts me and makes me feel so proud I too felt unappreciated but now I know and realize that I’m wrong.  There is a God and there is hope and most important, there is love.

    I want to share this with the world a short story written by Vanessa Lopez, My lovely daughter.




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    They say that the more we do today, the less we have to do tomorrow, thats true but it comes with a price.  This blog is dedicated to my princess back at home holding it down along with with my Queen while we make it happen across the world.


    For  every good man there is always a better woman, in my case theres two.  Time flies but not without  leaving unforgettable memories.


    While in New York I manage to spend some time with my princess, thats something that I dont get to do as much as I want, she knows that no matter where Im at she is always on my mind.


    As i look into the future I only wonder where will I be tomorrow, and I only hope that those I love will be right beside me


    The reason why I work so hard, My beautiful daughter!  My pride and joy and while she grows up and becomes a woman, Others are barely starting this amazing cycle.


    Our boy Nathan Another proud father getting his daughter inked on his arm for life.


    This is dedicated to all the proud fathers in the world.


    And now a moment of silence.

    Jose Lopez