In one side Klown is getting down on some fine line tattoo work and on the opposite side its me  doing the same thing feeding off each others energy the only thing we need is to be in the same room with everybody else in the shop every body contributing to this masterminding.  This has to be the best job in the world not only do we get to do what we like best, we also get to do it with all our good friends.

I really wish every body out there is doing the same thing, enjoying this wonderful craft whether you are doing color, traditional, dark or our favorite fine line black and grey do your thing boo and make every moment count.


” The greatest gift to receive is not a monetary reward or materialistic object. It is when all your dedicated and hard-work to help another individual use their skills and abilities to reach their highest dreams are achieved. It is that strong satisfying inner feeling of knowing all your ongoing support made a positive impact on an individual’s life opening new doors and a new way to living life. That is the greatest reward anyone can receive.”

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