It all started years back when  I meet a really good friend who till this day is one of my best friends even though we dont see each other as much.   About  11 years ago I meet Klown, back then we were just a couple guys trying to make it in the Tattoo game.  We would see each other in shows here and there then I was presented with a huge opportunity to travel outside my comfort zone.  Thats when all this traveling started for me, one day I asked Klown if he wanted to travel with me and he said yes…this started and strengthen our friendship we had some good times with the rest of our boys, we taught each other support, respect but most important loyalty which till this day we still have for each other.  Years later History would repeat it self only this time Klown would share all this with another good friend of the family, Pablo Aponte.  They travel together just like me and him did and Im sure they shared some similar moments.  Klown has never changed even though he has gain great admiration from the Tattoo industry he remains a humble individual and strives to get better and not only for him but also to teach others like Pablo.  Klown has spent alot of time with Pablo sharing everything he knows he does not hold nothing back and you can really see it in Pablos work, he is a true student and a recipient of years of experience from a humble teacher who Im very proud to be friends with.

Im very exited to have have Pablo as an artist at Lowrider tattoo He is very eager to learn and Im sure he will bring a lot inspiration to all of us.  Pablo really takes pride in his work , Im sure you all will agree with me.  Here  is some of his work it is truly amazing.


Berninis St. Longinus, Christian legend has it that Longinus was a blind Roman centurion who thrust the spear into Christ’s side at the crucifixion. Some of Jesus’s blood fell upon his eyes and he was healed. Upon this miracle Longinus believed in Jesus.

This specific study is a very difficult piece to pull off but Pablo has done a great job of showing his skills.


The famous rose that has given Klown so much fame and here it shows how he has passed it on to Pablo.


What ever style it might be he has so many different ways of capturing a true artistic essence and giving each piece of art his own twist.

I am proud to announce he will be coming with us to Rome to contribute to the already famous tattoo Convention and to work side by side with the rest of us.


Feel free to drop Pablo an email at for appointments for this upcoming Show In Rome.

I would like to thank you all for tuning in and to apologize for the lack of activity,  we are going trough some structure changes but there is a lot to come in the next months so please stand by for whats to come.  Once again thank you for the love and support

Your friend and artist Jose Lopez

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