Multi Generational Journey

When trying to understand how important my Heritage is, I can’t help but to think of that of the Monarch Butterflies. Similarly like us, they too have and continue to endure the countless tides of time. For example The Monarch butterflies inherited instinct of survival allows them to time and time again undertake their treacherous journey expanding thousands of miles. A journey that requires multi generational contribution and dedication just to keep their legacy alive. This fills me with great pride and joy to go on living and just like the Magnificent Monarchs, I too shall contribute and dedicate my time to helping those I come in contact with so that our Legacy will last for ever.

There is so much beauty lying underneath the surface of all things. If one just stopped to notice it, our hearts would be filled with so much more joy and in turn we would see our own beauty reflecting back to us.

In conclusion, Now I would like to share this amazing passage, A passage of hope that has helped me endure and appreciate life in the worst of times. I hope it can also make an impact in one of you and wishing you pass it on to others in need.

It may take a lifetime to understand that within that dark and ugly place there was a beauty and love there so strong that not even death could dishevel it ….that in fact, the beauty is that love continues even after and through death and the impact of that trauma brings us closer to the love that we shared for that person and all the ways love of that individual has affected our lives and the lives of others.

The secondary beauty that has an everlasting ripple effect on other peoples lives and through eternity is what living is truly about. All about the quality and not so much the quantity. Life is a teacher and Love is the reward in all its forms. When we can see love where darkness used to reside we can finally turn our lives and those around us into something Glorious.

Thank You, Jose Lopez

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