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    The year is coming to an end and with the new year a lot of things are changing, and the family is getting bigger.  The up coming trip to London is around the corner and a few new artists will be joining us,  Andrick Aviles is someone who reminds me of when I first started only he is a lot better.  When I first started I didn’t know where tattoos would take me,  I never imagine I would travel the world well this time Andrick will be joining  us on this mazing travels and with him  he will bring a new style of tattooing of his own.  At a young age he is already doing some amazing work I’m really honored to have the opportunity to work with him and keep my heart young for to work with some one younger rejuvenates the soul.  I can already see what lies ahead of this young mans future in the tattoo throne of the elite, but I’m sure it will be a lot more exiting to experience it along next to him for it is the journey that we share as colleagues that matters most and not the end goal that some times turns us people in to monsters.



    tupacbyandrick andrickportrait2

    It’s not so important to be liked, But to like yourself;

    It’s not so important to be good, But to be better;

    It’s not so important to receive respect from others, But to earn respect for yourself;

    It’s not so important to spend money on a person, But to spend quality time with a person;

    It’s not important to be important, But to be appreciated.


    Andrick Aviles