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    We often go through so many faces, we are not happy with what ever life or destiny sets up on us. We want to break free and long for things to be different.  This differs from person to person, but at the end it is all the same we want to be unique and acknowledged.  We want the  feeling of assurance and knowing that we exist.  Hence the transformation of one self, there so many ways we can help our selfs when facing this task we can become better friends, sons, fathers, listeners, artists and learn to be more understanding and empathetic.  To see the world through the eyes of some else is sometimes the best way to understand people and their needs.  Im faced with this amazing opportunity when dealing with so many people, my job demands it and I learn so much by doing those things mentioned above.  Sometimes it is the other way around Im the one who needs understanding and there has always been some one there to help.  Thats where the magic lies transformation of one self is continuously happening and everything around us contributes to that change.


    The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.


    Last night I had a dream, it had a tale to tell, I dreamed I saw an Angel the poor thing wasn’t well. His body bruised and battered, his wings were ripped and torn, he looked as if he wished that I was never born. I walked up to him and I asked, “Angel how can this be”? He turned around and paused a bit then spoke these words to me. I am your Guardian Angel a great task as you can see, You’ve run a muck all your life look what it’s done to me. These bruises are from shielding you in times both dice and I’ll, Those dangerous things you had used I often paid the bill. See my wings are ripped and torn, a noble badge that I wear, How often they have flown you from evil unaware. Each Mark is its own story of deadly wounds destroyed, You’ve made me wish more than once that I was unemployed. If only you could make it and stand up on your own, Oh don’t you fret or worry you shall not be left alone. But please try to remember that I’m getting old and frail, we’ll see if you can help yourself only time will tell. I could not believe all I’d heard let alone how much he cared, I sat and wept upon his shoulder then left in despair. The next morning I pondered all the things that I had done, And that’s when the transformation hit, my life had finally begun. So I made a final decision to change my life and try, and in the distance I thought I heard a frail old Angel cry…

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    • I have been gifted with the power to contribute to so many peoples transformation. I do this everyday and it brings me so much joy to be able to help some one get closer to being that person he longs to be.
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    • With every poke of the needle this transformation begins to take place it is a right of passage something that is earned.  Its not  easy but nothing worth while in life is easy. I have so much admiration for all those who come to the studio and endure so much pain for it takes great courage and strength to go trough this difficult and often painful process.
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    I often hear “I will not kill my self over this”, and then I hear Drake say “last night I made the decision I would die for it.” So I don’t know what the fu(*&**^&% to think lol.  All I know is that if you die doing what you love that death will be a beautiful one.


    I want to write so much more luckily this picture above explains it all, I guess it is true pictures speaks a thousand words.  I only wish I had been a tattoo artist back when I was in high school, I would have just turned in five tattoo pictures instead of an 5000 word essay.


    Thank you so much for love and support.

    your friend and artist,

    Jose Lopez

    “Living for the Moment.”

    Thanks  Joe you are an amazing human being!


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    Our good friend Johnny had been long waiting for this moment, to come in and sit in the infamous tattoo chair…  well in a few words it was all worth the wait after three sessions and lots of pain we completed his lower sleeve.  He still can’t believe the outcome, you know like they say “GOOD THINGS TO THOSE WHO WAIT’  so you be the judge.


    There is still more to come we will be completing his full sleeve in the next couple of months so stay tune, but for now here the progress.





    Man I wish I could say more but this is just what we do at Lowrider and we do it ereday so feel free to come in and check out the amazing work all of the crew is doing it is truly incredible how far this guys have come it really makes me proud to have them next to me working side by side.  Thank you for visiting our blog and of course for your love and support.



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    We are terribly sorry for being absent from our blog,  we have been doing a lot work on our selfs to be able to bring more of what we do best, there has been a lot internal changes in our company.  But there is no need to worry we are working harder than ever.  The studio has been like a tattoo school making artist out of young kids which I’m very proud of.  I have been spending a lot of time talking to this kids showing them what it takes to make it out there and let me tell they are paying attention and you will agree by looking at their work.


    Tattoo by Noah Minuskin


    Tattoo by Lil B


    Tattoo by Johnny Opina


    Tattoo by Miguel Ochoa


    Tattoo by Lil B


    Tattoo by Miguel Ochoa


    Tattoo By Miguel Ochoa


    Tattoo by Lil B

    These are just some of the works from the guys at the shop,  I promise there will be more coming in the next days so stay tuned.


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    We are back in town to reunite with our old friends, My boy Miguel Ochoa came along for the ride this time.  It is very difficult considering the  jet lag and lack of sleep.  Our boy Jun just got back from his trip, We are just getting started.  We will be updating you some more on the out come of this trip.



  5. NOAH


    A long time ago a lil kid came to my shop asking for direction and a chance to sit down and talk to me about tattoos…. He asked a lot of questions and I answer them to the best of my knowledge…This went on for a while and time after time he would come back to talk some more until I ask him if he really wanted to learn a lil more he could come with me and really jump in the water and get his feet wet, I assure him it would not be easy but he welcomed the challenge and he started working with me, going to all the places I was going to.  I remember him always standing right next to me always watching me,  with almost no expression on his face just intaking all the information in front of him.

    This kid was like no other he did not have a care for anything but learning how to tattoo, it was almost weird that he did take interest in other things other guys were doing and he would never leave my side.  I remember a time when we went to one of the first tattoo Conventions out of state and it just happened to be his birthday,lol.  I though it be a good idea to get him drunk but actually it was a bad one… We found that out the next day,  not only him but all of us had to worst headache ever.  My pocket was full of money cause we were gambling  and drinking patron and aparently I won all the money that night.  I didn’t remember anything.  The worst part is that we still had to tattoo that weekend and that didn’t stop us we were there to tattoo and thats what we did.  Now that I look back and remember so many moments its seems like it was yesterday.  Only that lil kid has grown to become a man, a man that I’m very proud of, His name in Jun Cha.  His is on his way  to make his own mark in the tattoo world and he still come around all the time to check on us and help out at the studio.  Nothing has change he is and will alway be family.  I’m writing this because another kid has stepped in to the shop  just like Jun did 6 years ago with the same determination.  So I could not stand there and do nothing, I welcomed him into the shop just like jun for I saw the same potential and the same drive.  It is funny how life and history repeats it self.

    He goes by the name of Noah a young artist from Santa Rosa CA, He left everything behind just to pursue his passion for tattoos.  And just like Jun he went ahead and enlisted him self in the Art Center Of Pasadena.  I really think there’s a lot of very good things that  are going to come out of this kid for I have seen it in another, Jun.


    With only a few years of Tattooing he is already a master of Hand Script and many other types of tattooing.


    With the skills he will be learning in school and at the shop I’m sure he will become a great tattooist.


    I really hope that he takes advantage of everything in front of him just like Jun did.  Now I’m going to have two guys around me looking over my shoulder,lol.

    Thats has never been a problem with me they are my kids, and most importantly they are my friends.



    With this new year comes Noah he will be a great asset to Lowrider Tattoo and a great complement to All the other tattooist at the shop like Johnny Opina, Miguel, Gustavo and another great artists sam and lil b.

    I’m Proud of all of them And would like to wish them all the best in everything they do.


    Lowrider Tattoo started with a dream with one man sitting in a wheelchair wondering what  would become of him… He never imagine what would unfold in the coming years.  Just when it seemed like it was over,  a bright light shined down on him and showed him the path that he is now following, Tattooing.

    I’m very fortunate to have such big family and I’m really happy to add Noah as a new member of the Lowrider tattoo Family.  Come check him out and find out what I’m talking about,  he has lots of talents just waiting to be explored.

    Jose Lopez


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    Tha homeboy Tommy ”Cyklone” Garcia came through to tha studio this week, to add sum writin’ to his already sick collection on his head. Rangin’ from many great artist in tha Black N Grey field like Tommy Montoya, Fonzy Inkshot, Shady, etc. I gotta say it’s a tuff spot to tattoo and to get tatted. It was critical for me cuz he’s also a great fine-line letterin’ guy. Tommy’s been out there travelin’ all over Europe too, holdin’ it down with his Southern California Chicano Style. I gotta say he’s got a dope personality, big ups to tha homie.


    Well while I was tattooing, Joser was hookin’ up another fellow tattoo artist, Marty in his station. He wanted a Jun Cha inspired piece on his arm, take a look…




    Jose’s always deliverin’ an insane piece as usual. I wanna take this time to thank all our customers, past and present, for all tha mad love and support!


    Miguel Ochoa.