Tha homeboy Tommy ”Cyklone” Garcia came through to tha studio this week, to add sum writin’ to his already sick collection on his head. Rangin’ from many great artist in tha Black N Grey field like Tommy Montoya, Fonzy Inkshot, Shady, etc. I gotta say it’s a tuff spot to tattoo and to get tatted. It was critical for me cuz he’s also a great fine-line letterin’ guy. Tommy’s been out there travelin’ all over Europe too, holdin’ it down with his Southern California Chicano Style. I gotta say he’s got a dope personality, big ups to tha homie.


Well while I was tattooing, Joser was hookin’ up another fellow tattoo artist, Marty in his station. He wanted a Jun Cha inspired piece on his arm, take a look…




Jose’s always deliverin’ an insane piece as usual. I wanna take this time to thank all our customers, past and present, for all tha mad love and support!


Miguel Ochoa.

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