It has been a hell of a ride this year we have traveled so much and visited so many places and at the end we always end up in London Town.  We have so man good friends there and every time were there its never disappointing.  This last trip was the best so far, Our Boy Dimitri took good care of us and by that I mean he really took care of us,  he always does and the best part of the trip  is all the beautiful memories we bring back not forgetting all our loyal friends and supporters who always join us for a good chat and of course to add to their collection of fine line tattoos.  Beautiful  Sunset after Sunset we keep pushing through,  days turn into nights and we still continue.  This trip I had a very special experience,  I had the pleasure to be a witness to our friend Andrew Henleys wedding.  I felt so special to be part of this amazing experience.  Prior to that I spent a whole day with him figuring out the next piece I would add to his tattoo collection.  After 8 hours of work the tattoo was finally finished the the sun came down as if fire was about to come on us.  Day after day work continue and so did the different experiences with all our friend and colleagues.  We thank you all for this and will continue to do so till the very end.





Its been 22 years of constant work and like they say “HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF’ Well its true our brand is growing beyond our expectations,  we invite you to continue viewing our blog and to write us about your experience,  from every body here at LOWRIDER TATTOO we thank you for making us the worlds favorite cup of coffee.

Jose Lopez

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