Hard work pays off might sound cliche we hear this almost every day. Well there is a good reason we hear it threw out our lives and in the case of Sam Dusenberry it proves true. Sam has been with us at Lowrider Tattoo for the past year and a half. His style of tattooing has changed drastically in this short time. Learning to tattoo fineline black and gray was a day and night change from the mostly traditional tattoo work he was doing and it is exactly what He was looking for when he made the move from Texas to Southern California and his new home at Lowrider. Under the watchful eye of Jose Lopez Sam has flourished with his diverse style tackling any tattoo that walked threw the door. His love for tattoos in general has allowed Sam to not be confined to one specialty. Whether it be Portraits, animals, skulls, ships, landscape etc…. Sam puts his full effort into each and every tattoo he does. He also enjoys the visits we receive here at Lowrider by the likes of Jun Cha and Klown picking their brains and asking endless questions gaining knowledge everywhere he can. Sam will be joining Jose and Miguel on there visit to the Milan in February and is now taking appointments. Space is limited only 5 spots remain so hurry and book your appointment for some one off SoCal fine line tattoo work.

To reserve a spot with Sam contact him via emil at







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